I’m Kate, a British Illustrator living in Norwich, England. I work from my cosy home studio, surrounded by plants, art and trinkets. 

I'm lucky to have been painting and drawing since childhood and couldn't imagine a life without it. I draw inspiration from a vast variety of sources spanning from children’s picture books to horror films and local folklore. Medieval and gothic artworks also influence my work hugely. In my spare time I love spending time outdoors exploring the countryside, museums and historical sites. The natural world will always be an endless source of inspiration for me. 

I like to combine stereotypically cute, cosy and creepy subject matter regularly. Whether it be a wholesome wooded landscape, or a rotting skull covered in mushrooms and bugs, I enjoy painting the nitty gritty details of the natural world through a lens of both humour and humble appreciation. Though most of the time I'm really just painting what I think is beautiful and brings me joy!

I almost exclusively use gouache paint to make my illustrations. Though I also enjoy using other traditional mediums such as ink, pencil and watercolour. I avoid using Photoshop or Procreate as much as I can, it doesn’t bring me as much satisfaction as working by hand does. Though I do finalise my work digitally at times when a more graphic and polished approach is required. I love playing with colour and contrast, and I tend to subconsciously stick to themes in my artwork. This means I usually have multiple sketchbooks on the go; my favourite and most complete one so far is a small pocket sized Moleskine sketchbook dedicated to drawing skulls.

I strive to live and work as ethically and sustainably as I can. I love supporting small businesses and i'm sure you do too. My designs begin as original hand drawn ideas, then are printed as locally as possible. Everything is packed and shipped from my studio by myself here in Norwich. Each order I assemble brings me so much joy, I love adding hand written thank you notes. If you’ve bought something from me, let me know! I love to see your prints framed at home and I will never tire of seeing you wearing my T-shirts.

I'm always busy working on some new pieces. Follow me on instagram to watch me work and stay updated with all my projects.