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 Tattoo Design Commission ✷

Let's work together to make a sweet little design for you!


£65 gets you a ✴︎ Tattoo Token ✴︎ which includes a roughly A6 size (10.5cm x 14.8 cm) line drawing with or without minimal shading. Designs will be sent to you in the form of a digital file that you can email to your tattooist to print out if needed. 

Alternatively, if there's a design o'mine that you've seen before and love! We can adapt it to suit your needs if appropriate. In this case you must still email me with your token request and I'll send you a secure link to purchase.  

To get started, please email me at hello@kate-aspen.com with your concept, any reference photos or screenshots of a previous design. If you're unsure about an idea or just have any questions at all shoot me an email, I check them regularly :-)

Once we've finalised your idea I'll send you a rough draft, if you approve the design I'll go ahead and complete the drawing and direct you to purchase a token. Then all that's left is for you to get it inked!

Before you purchase a Token, please:

✴︎ Take a moment to consider if my style would best suit your ideas. Simple line drawings with shading work best! The paint textures and heavy colour I often use in some of my work cannot be transferred to ink. And I will not draw your design in the style of another artist. - If you have a Tattoo artist in mind who you know would be comfortable using colour, then block colour could potentially be accommodated with an extra cost if deemed necessary. 

✴︎ Think about the size of your tattoo, I cannot add in extreme detail to a tattoo that’s A6 size. The tattoo just won’t last as long, I want you to be able to enjoy your lovely new ink for as long as possible! I can potentially make designs bigger at an extra cost if deemed necessary. 

✴︎ Consider how many changes you’re asking me to make to your design. Please try to give me a good idea of what you’d like before I start working on your design. This saves us both so much precious time! If an extraordinary amount of changes are asked to be made, I will ask for extra payment!  


Also, it would be a good idea to make sure that you have a tattoo artist in mind before you purchase a token, because not all tattooists are comfortable using other artists designs!


My well loved little Mushroom fellas and froggies have been a popular request, but I'm open to more gross and fun ideas too :-)


Looking forward to working with you! ♥︎ 







Important disclaimer: A newly commissioned design will be unique to you and won't be reproduced or given to another. This also means that Tattoo designs you've paid for are still ©Kate Aspen and may not be reproduced, redrawn, reprinted or distributed for sale in any form outside the tattooing process! Don't be a big meanie please and thank you!